Here's a quick way to efficiently share code snippets

When you work remotely, you notice you need a tool for many everyday tasks. I frequently need to share code snippets with my teammates to explain something, and IMHO the best tool for that is Gist - a very simple and straightforward service.

However, Gist does not have preview features for some file extensions :-(

Thus, I decided to implement this feature in my blog (inspired by Stephen Grider playgrounds). I tried to find a lib to help me with that, but I could not find anything as neat as I expected.

Live Preview demo

So, I wrote this simple preview from scratch (see the demo) for sharing HTML code snippets by using Gist API. I just need to pass the gist id as a query parameter, and everything appears automatically.

If you like it and want to reuse in your blog, check this commit and make it work into your project :-) It’s very convenient.