What's my favorite conference?

Every engineer has their favorite conference. Some professionals choose it based on their preferred language, others prefer generalist events, and others use some different criteria. But what matters is to keep yourself updated and motivated to keep learning.

Yearly, I go to QCon Sao Paulo, and IMO this is the best software development conference in Brazil. I see this event as an opportunity to stop, take a look outside the window, see what people are doing, and think about what I’m doing.

QCon SP 2019

As important as the conference itself, it’s the post-conference, when we re-visit all recently acquired knowledge. People have different ways of doing that. Generally, I make a short list of the main topics in the event, and I think again about them.

Here’s my short list for QCon SP 2019: Micro-Services in production (tracing, service mesh, bounded contexts, migrating from the legacy monolith); GraalVM; Data Privacy; 21st-century languages (Go, Rust, Elixir).

Finally, with this list, I’ve noticed I want to take a more in-depth look at Data Privacy and at the Go language.

Last year, I invested some time on Elixir, and that was great to improve my functional thinking, but now it’s time to learn a new language and see how it can improve my mindset about programming. Data Privacy it’s a valuable topic from the technical and ethical perspective, so I want to learn more about it.

If you’re interested in QCon Sao Paulo, stay tuned on InfoQ, most of the talks are uploaded there ;-)