Clean Go code

Good practices – this certainly is the most important and challenging topic when you’re learning a new language. That’s natural. You’re a beginner, didn’t read much code, it’s hard to decide the right way for expressing some piece of logic.

Static code analyzers and formatters play an essential role in such a controversial topic. Luckily, in the Go language, we have the gofmt to format our source code and keep most of the Go libraries with a homogenous codebase.

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Unfortunately, code analyzers and formatters have their limitations and don’t cover everything.

As you probably know, I’ve been studying Go in the last six or seven weeks. Even so, the following article is the most valuable resource I could read about Go good practices: Clean Go Code -

It fills many topics that I needed to search by myself and also taught me new things. If you’re studying the language, this article is my recommendation for your week. Have a nice read! :-)

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