PICO-8 Fantasy Console

URL of the week ( ) is a kind of post where I share a relevant URL with you :-)

This week the winner is PICO-8 Fantasy Console: lexaloffle.com/pico-8.

PICO-8 Fantasy Console website screenshot

Pico-8 is not quite new, but I’ve recently seen people using p5js.org for creative coding or small challenges, and I remembered that I could use Pico-8 with a similar purpose :-)

It has a whole simplified game-dev-focused environment. So, you can just open Pico-8, relax, and creatively code a simple game. All sprite editors, code editors, sound editors, and anything else lives there. I just built a snake game in minutes without overthinking about anything else than the logic itself.

It’s great entertainment, and if you have one of these Anbernic devices, you can test the result of your work on handheld mode 1!

Have fun ;-)

  1. How to run enable Pico-8 on RG351P: retrogamecorps.com/2020/11/12/guide-pico-8-on-the-rg351p 

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