Hyrum's Law

URL of the week ( ) is a kind of post where I share a relevant URL with you :-)

This week the winner is Hyrum’s Law: hyrumslaw.com.

Hyrum's Law website screenshot

It has pretty intriguing thoughts about APIs, which I believe are actually appliable in many other contexts involving user experience as a whole.

Reading that, I recalled situations when I was updating my profile picture on some website, and the image appeared outdated right after I submitted the form. Generally, we somehow guess: - ohh, probably that’s a cache issue or even eventual consistency, I don’t know! 🤪.

However, I don’t think users should need to guess that. Also, knowing all the clauses we’re singing on our APIs contracts help us on having more simple and predictable implementations, which benefits API users as well :-)

I hope you find this URL interesting too!

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